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Machine Gun Kelly And Yungblud Pay Homage To Mass Shooting Victims In Corden Performance

They wrote 'El Paso' and 'Dayton' on their guitars

At the beginning of the universe, the theory goes, the Big Bang synthesized the building blocks of life from a rapidly hyper-dense singularity. Last night (August 5), a new universe was created with an explosive performance of "I Think I'm OKAY" by Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The pair wrapped up their energetic performance with a tribute to the recent mass-shooting victims of El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

The stage of Corden might as well have been a forest, given the feral energy of a shirtless Machine Gun Kelly and a wolflike Yungblud. Their collab performance found the two each playing guitar and blending that sound with the vicious energy of their supporting band. MGK even kicked over his microphone stand, and the pair shared one, screaming into it with such intensity that if there were glass walls surrounding the stage, they would have shattered.

As it ended, they flipped their guitars around to show "El Paso" on the back of Yungblud's guitar and "Dayton" on the back of Machine Gun Kelly's. It was the second musical tribute to the weekend's violence of the evening, after Lana Del Rey posted a song she penned called "Looking for America."

Machine Gun Kelly released his latest album Hotel Diablo last month. He will be heading out on tour in support of it in September with Young Thug, Killy, Polo G, and YBN Nahmir.

Watch Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud's explosive performance of "I Think I'm OKAY" up above.