Machine Gun Kelly Debuts His Head Tattoo In New Video With Yungblud And Travis Barker

'I Think I'm OKAY' is an angsty ride

Machine Gun Kelly's new album is coming, and he has the head tattoo to prove it.

After flaunting his new "Hotel Diablo" ink on Twitter earlier this week, the rapper has given fans a closer look in the video for "I Think I'm OKAY," which arrived on Thursday (June 13). The angsty collaboration features British rocker Yungblud and blink-182's Travis Barker, who join MGK for a hyped-up concert in an alleyway. The vid opens on MGK strumming a guitar in bed, then warps into a collage-like showcase of tattoos, bloody knees, and aggressive facial expressions. While Barker pounds away on the drums, MGK and the always-entertaining Yungblud passionately scream the song's thesis: "I think that something's fucking wrong with me!"

Check out the Andrew Sandler-directed vid below, and keep your eyes peeled for a cameo from Noah Cyrus, who shows up for some fire extinguisher antics.

"I Think I'm OKAY" is the latest single from Machine Gun Kelly's fourth album, Hotel Diablo, which arrives July 5. Last week, the Cleveland MC revealed how his new music is inspired by the late Chester Bennington, as well as Mac Miller. Speaking about the latter artist, MGK said, "When I looked at Mac, I just saw a talented young man. I didn't hate on the thing that he did. I was so impressed all the time, by his musicality, by his mental, by him as a friend. And that's the ultimate goal for me, is to walk around and have that respect and to not have all this extra stuff follow me."