Teen Mom OG Newbies: Get To Know Cheyenne's And Bristol's Families

One relative just might look a little familiar

Bristol and Cheyenne just entered the Teen Mom OG fold, but they’re not joining the MTV series alone. As Maci, Amber and Catelynn know all too well, viewers will get to meet both of Cheyenne’s and Bristol’s families on the new season. Parents, baby daddies, siblings, and of course, their kids!

Scroll down to get to know the most important people in our new mamas’ lives (we think some of them might look familiar), and don't miss the brand-new season every Monday at 9/8c.

  • Cheyenne’s baby daddy Cory

    The Challenge: Rivals III co-stars never dated but got pregnant after a one-night stand at the reunion taping. Their relationship is and always was purely platonic (though undeniably flirty), which likely makes it easier for them to co-parent and put their daughter first.

  • Cheyenne’s daughter Ryder

    Their little cutie Ryder (born March 2017) is full of personality, that’s for sure!

  • Cheyenne’s boyfriend Zach

    Zach was a family friend of Chey’s before they started dating — and now they’re newly living together. He has an interesting role in this family dynamic as Ryder’s father figure when she’s with her mama, but he knows not to step on Cory’s toes.

  • Cheyenne’s sister R KyleLynn

    R KyleLynn plays triple duty in Chey’s life as her sister, roommate and sometimes babysitter.

  • Cheyenne’s mom Margaret and stepdad David and dad Kyle and stepmom Teresa

    Chey’s mom and dad got divorced, so she’s got two sets of parents. Luckily, all four are supportive of her and Ryder and get along with each other, showing Chey (and Zach and Cory) that blended families can definitely work out.

  • Bristol's husband Dakota

    Bristol’s husband is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and suffers from PTSD, so their marriage has had some rough patches. But despite their differences and disagreements, they’re good about putting the kids first.

  • Bristol’s son Tripp and daughters Sailor and Atlee

    Nine-year-old Tripp’s dad is Bristol’s ex Levi Johnston, while Dakota is dad to her two adorable girls Sailor and Atlee.

  • Bristol's sisters Piper and Willow

    Bristol lives in Austin, Texas, and her sisters are still in Alaska, but the girls remain close despite the distance. Piper and Willow come and help Bristol out with the kids whenever they can.

  • Bristol's mom Sarah

    The first time we meet the former vice presidential nominee on the show is at her daughter’s bachelorette party — fun mom much? But Sarah’s got a serious side too and is a big support system for Bristol.