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Ed Sheeran Is A Miserable Puppet In The Melancholy 'Happier' Video

This isn't quite 'Sing' part two

The last time we saw Ed Sheeran as a puppet, it was as a hard-partying felt Casanova in 2014's debaucherous "Sing" video. Since then, he's taken an often more earnest approach for his visuals, ballroom dancing for "Thinking Out Loud," enlisting Oscar-nominated talent for "Galway Girl," and finding a teen doppelgänger for the nostalgia-soaked "Castle on the Hill."

But no one can stay serious for too long. And so, Puppet Ed is back for "Happier" — but this time, he's fallen on some hard times.

In the video for Sheeran's latest heartbreak ode, Puppet Ed is rattled after seeing his old lover with someone new. He hits the bottle, reminisces about happier times, and even daydreams about slugging her new dude. This is apparently the ugly flip side of being a veritable marionette Lothario for too long.

If I may, I'd just like to shout out the puppet's slight improvements in facial hair since "Sing," giving him more ample chin scruff to more closely mirror the IRL Ed. The attention to detail on the tattoos is a really nice touch as well.

Check out the full video above, and stay tuned for a potential third chapter in a few years, maybe (not announced yet but, you know, everything is a trilogy these days).