Ed Sheeran’s ‘Sing’ Video Was Inspired By Karaoke Night... With Psy

Ed reveals that Psy has made his own remix of 'Sing'

From puppets to strippers to Karaoke with Korean businessmen, Ed Sheeran's "Sing" video was definitely a "really weird" night out.

But it turns out, it was actually based on a real-life experience Ed had with the "Hangover" man himself, Psy.

Immediately following the airing of his MTV documentary, "Nine Days and Nights," Ed sat down for the "Live From MTV" after show, where he revealed that a night of debauchery with Psy inspired his video.

"Basically the "Sing" video is based on a night out I had with him, and loads of his Korean mates. I went out on this night out with Psy and everyone was wearing a Psy mask in a Korean restaurant and they were all Korean and all wearing a Psy mask and I didn't know which one was Psy, I had no clue," Ed said. "I eventually found out who Psy was and he's just a monster when it comes to...there's this Korean drink called Soju and so anyway I had this night out and that's what inspired the 'Sing' video with all the dancing and karaoke and stuff."

The two have been in touch since, in fact, Psy decided to put his own spin on Ed's song.

"He just did a remix for 'Sing,' and it's sick, and it's the coolest thing I've ever heard," Ed said before saying that he isn't too sure when or if the world will hear it. "Just before he came in here he texted me being like 'question mark, question mark, question mark,' so I need to find out what he means."

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