Who Knew Ed Sheeran Could Dance? Watch 'Thinking Out Loud' Now

Ed is ballroom dancing. Could it get any better?

Now it's clear why Ed Sheeran told us he was training five hours a day for his "Thinking Out Loud" video. The guy is full-on dancing like a professional in the middle of a ballroom. He's twirling his partner around, picking her up and dipping her. Did anyone know he could do this?

In the video, Ed sports dress pants and a vest, looking almost as spiffy as his gorgeous, talented dance partner, who spins barefoot as they move together, falling on the floor at the end for a cute cuddle session.

“It’s the best video I’ve ever done and probably ever will do,” Ed told MTV News at the iHeart Radio Music Festival. “It’s incredible, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s legit.”

Ed told us the video, directed by Emil Nava (who also directed “Sing”), was shot all at once in 16 mm film and teased us about his training:

"It is physical," he said. "It’s about learning how to pick up stuff and throw it. It’s interesting.”

Little did we know he was going to pick up a human and throw her... Oh, Ed, how you surprise us.