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Donald Glover Says 14-Year-Olds Are Bullying Him To Work With Chance The Rapper Again

But, you know, he's down to do it, too

Donald Glover had a hell of night on Sunday (September 17) at the Emmys. He took home two awards for his FX show, Atlanta — one for acting and one for directing — and also revealed that he's going to be dad again, which is all extremely great and should theoretically be enough excitement for one evening. But nope.

After the show in the press room, Glover was asked by a reporter if he'd go back to working on music now, after hinting this summer that he'd soon be retiring Childish Gambino. His answer seemed maybe a little less than optimistic — "I don't want to ever do anything because I'm forced to. I think once you do that, things start to get bad and you jump the shark." — but then, he offered a glimmer of hope (around 5:38 in the video below).

"I feel like if I don't make a Chance the Rapper mixtape, double mixtape, a bunch of 14-year-olds are gonna kick my ass," Glover said, referring to the oft-teased collaboration between the two.

"They stop me on the street, and it's kind of scary. Youth scares me," he concluded. "So I feel like I gotta do something. I probably will."

It does seem, given Glover's comments here, that it could happen pretty soon, and he told an L.A. radio show earlier this year that the groundwork had potentially already been laid: "We're both busy but when he has, like, a moment, we've just been sitting down and just working together. I think it's about catching a vibe."

Chance appeared in the Emmys introductory song, delivering a verse that encouraged people to maybe DVR that season finale so they could hit the streets and protest instead. Watch that below, via Pitchfork.