Chance The Rapper’s Daughter Can’t Stop Hugging Him After Unpacking His Grammys

Tears of joy all around!!

Please Appreciate This Photo Of Chance The Rapper With His 'Mentors'

Just a casual lunch with Kanye and Chappelle, NBD

Chance The Rapper Debuts Music So New, It Doesn't Have A Name Yet On The Late Show

Chance the Rapper teamed up with guitarist/vocalist Daniel Caesar to deliver a brand-new, as yet untitled ballad on 'The Late Show.'

Donald Glover Says 14-Year-Olds Are Bullying Him To Work With Chance The Rapper Again

But, you know, he's down to do it, too

Chance The Rapper Threw A Dance Party With Elmo, Elsa, And A Minion For His Daughter's Birthday

Turns out Minions can RAGE

Chance The Rapper And His Daughter Are The Cutest Father/Daughter Band

Kensli The Baby is READY 🎤

Chance The Rapper Shows His Love For Chicago With $2.2. Million For Its Schools

He's handing out grants and launching a new academic awards ceremony, too

Chance The Rapper Joined Kendrick Lamar Onstage For An Earth-Shaking 'No Problem'

Watch the crowd explode into fits of celebration

Chance The Rapper Dropped A New Young Thug Collaboration On Soundcloud

Listen to 'Big B's' now

Zac Efron Wants To Show You How Much He Loves Chance The Rapper With This Painting

So this is a lot

Chance The Rapper’s Tiny Desk Concert Proves He’s A Man Of Many Talents

Most charming poet ever?

Chance And DJ Khaled’s New Song Proves They’re The Coolest Dads

You'll love 'I Love You So Much' ... so much

Chance the Rapper Apologizes To Dr. Dre For ‘Publicly Disrespecting’ Him

'I set out to empower and I completely missed the ball'

Chance The Rapper Is Bringing American Sign Language Interpreters On Tour

Be Encouraged, indeed

Bonnaroo At The End Of The World: The Healing Game Goes On

Chance the Rapper, U2, Tegan & Sara, and more bring a message of love to Tennessee

Chance The Rapper Wants To Help You Give Back To Chicago In A Huge Way

Chicago Beyond wants to hear your ideas — and give you $2 million to make them happen

Chance’s Bro Taylor Bennett Takes A Foggy Ride In His ‘Roof Gone’ Video

A knack for dope visuals must run in the family

Chance The Rapper Dances His Heart Out In A New Francis And The Lights Video

Yes, Chance, you may have this dance

Watch Chance The Rapper Drunkenly Freestyle Over Future’s ‘Mask Off’

It's sensational

Chance The Rapper And DJ Khaled Celebrate Their Very First No. 1 Hit

They can’t stop freaking out

Justin Bieber Shirtlessly Welcomes Summer In DJ Khaled's New Video

Along with Chance the Rapper, Quavo, and Lil Wayne

Watch Chance The Rapper Perform His Version Of Kanye’s ‘Waves’

He did a good ass job

Chance The Rapper Got Love From Eddie Vedder For His 'Great Work In Chicago'

'That’s the kind of music activism that gives us all hope'

Chance The Rapper’s Fans Want Him To Become Chance The Mayor

‘If you won, you would do a good ass job’