Can Teen Wolf's Mason Be Saved Now That The Beast Has Taken Over His Body?

We're devastated (oh, and there are spoilers ahead).

Now that The Beast has taken over Mason's body, is it really too late for our favorite new kid in town?

The Dread Doctors (R.I.P.*, guys) found a flawless killer in Liam's BFF, and they didn't waste any time manufacturing Mason's success. A true genetic chimera (something about wolfing down his twin in utero), the Teen Wolf newb was the ideal candidate for a present-day La Bête.

"We believe that to resurrect the perfect killer, we have to start with the perfect evil," said Dread No. 2. "From you, we learned that true evil only comes from corrupting something truly good."

The "you" the evil MDs speak of is none other than Theo. It was the most we heard the Dreads speak in all of their screen time combined, and they used tonight's opportunity to verbally insult the power-hungry chimera, repeatedly calling him a scientific failure. Our favorite line: "You have the entitlement and narcissism typical of your generation. In that, you are a profound success." HA! Dread Doctors: 1. Theo: 0.

The Beast quickly put the Dread Doctor banter to an end when he abruptly kicked their asses, which left us with mixed feelings — giddy to see the Dreads go but supremely sad to see The Beast seize Mason's bod. He and Corey had such a bright future together!

It appears to be a bit on the late side for the BHHS sophomore, seeing as Sebastian Valet is back and Mason is little but a memory. Even if Liam's bestie can be saved, Scott's pack is swiftly dwindling in size (again): Malia and Braeden are obsessed with bringing down the Desert Wolf, Stiles is in hiding (seeing as DW is apparently out to kill him) and Kira is about to strike a Little Mermaid-like deal with the skin walkers. Lydia might be Mason's only hope.

+ Theories? Insight? Predictions? Give us all you got in the comments, then catch us back here later this week as we break down the Desert Wolf storyline. And tune in to the season finale next Tuesday at 9/8c.

*We kid about that whole "peace" part. May the evil Dreads rest in the fiery pits of hell.