'Teen Wolf' Intentions: What Is Theo's Plan For That Mask?

Chances are, he's not planning to play nice.

Our favorite power-hungry psychopath is at it again and, as per usual, his intentions remain a mystery.

Tonight's "Teen Wolf" episode had us evoking all the feels: ecstasy when Dr. Valack put a hand drill to Theo's thigh, shock when Liam (likely) lost his v-card to Hayden, agreement when Stiles compared Theo to fecal matter, sadness when Lydia was on the verge of screaming herself to death, supreme happiness when she was safely rescued, hope when it seemed that Stydia might kiss, disappointment when they didn't and confusion when Theo whipped out that ancient Dread Doctors mask. Speaking of the latter, the chimera pack leader has big plans for that old-ass helmet, but what exactly?

It resembles a medieval torture device and single-handedly puts those spiky goggles to shame. You know the ones — and so does Malia:

It originally belonged to Dr. Valack before our banshee bashed in his skull. We don't know much about the mask other than that it's one powerful puppy and only the mentally strong can hack it -- less than a second of wear and Nurse Cross wound up just like one of her patients. It holds the key to the identity of The Beast, or rather, whoever wears the dreaded thing will be blessed with — or killed from — the truth. (Truth hurts, eh?)

Now that Theo has his hands on this torturous treasure, he's convinced it will lead him to The Beast — but is he stupid enough to actually wear it? Or will he make Hayden, Tracey or one of his other minions don the dreaded thing? Or even Deucalion? The former Alpha is dying to see, after all.

Comment with your theories on the helmet at hand, and catch us here later this week as we dive deeper into Lydia's rescue. Oh, and "Teen Wolf" is Tuesdays at 9/8c, but you already knew that.