'Teen Wolf' Attack: What's Kira And Her Mom's Beef With The Skin Walkers?

The mother/daughter duo is invading unfamiliar territory.

We knew Kira was on the verge of losing it, but hunting down half-naked shape-shifters in the desert? This type of crazy is on a whole new level.

Tonight's "Teen Wolf" left us dumbfounded — what in the hell are our favorite fox spirit and her mom doing? These hatchet-wielding guys and gals looked none too pleased to have unexpected visitors; they didn't even have fair notice to change into their good loin cloths, for Pete's sake.

One thing's for certain — Mrs. Yukimura is on a mission. "Skin walkers are powerful shape-shifters," she told Kira. "They're not particularly welcoming to strangers on their land." Call us crazy, but we wouldn't be all that delighted if house guests greeted us by whipping out swords either.

While the beef between the Yukimura clan and the skin walkers is uncertain, we can't help but hope these Beacon Hills newbs will throw Kira a bone and rid the world of whatever evil is holding her captive. Ever since K came back from the Big Apple, she's been a bit... off. We blame the Dread Doctors, who implanted some sort of device in her eye, which has resulted in blown fuses and a mysterious dead body.

Now that Scott needs his pack more than ever, can Kira's dark fox spirit return to normal? And what part do the skin walkers play in all of this madness? Comment with your theories, and learn more about these new kids next week during a brand-new "Teen Wolf" episode at 9/8c.