'Teen Wolf' Priorities: Which Force Of Evil Should Scott And His Pack Tackle First?

AFTER they rescue Lydia, of course.

Scott and Stiles are besties again. Whew.

Kira has returned — or has been rescued, rather. Scira's back too.

Malia is done kicking Russian guys around. (For now.)

Liam is back in Scott's good graces.

And once our "Teen Wolf" crew gets Lydia out of that hellhole they call a hospital, the band will be entirely back together! But then what? Beacon Hills threats are a dime a dozen these days — what (or who?) are they going to tackle first? As expected, tonight's episode didn't offer us much clarity -- so here's our rundown:

  • The Dread Doctors

    These evil masterminds are quick to aim a hand drill at someone's skull, their La Bête fetish is at an all-time high, and they essentially launched a 10-year-old Theo into a psychopathic frenzy. Plus, they nearly ended our beloved Layden. If they go, will the rest of the evil dissipate?

  • La Bête du Gévaudan

    The ancient Beast has been resurrected and is rumored to be the ultimate in Dread Doctor success. Meaning, the terrifying creature is out for blood — and its senseless killing spree has already started.

  • The Desert Wolf

    Malia's mom may not have the power or strength of an Alpha, but she's an expert sniper and is on a mission to kill her own daughter in an effort to regain her power. Needless to say, she won't be getting a Mother's Day gift this year.

  • Deucalion

    "I want his eyes on the tips of my claws." The former Alpha is out to make Scott blind, and Theo is a willing accomplice. Sounds like pretty urgent business to us.

  • Theo

    The evil chimera pack leader wants to wield all of the power — and we're not talking about hammers, here. We hate you, Theo. Even with your shirt off.

  • Old Man Gerard

    We are NEVER going to trust that flower-eatin' fool.

+ Which threat do you think Scott and his pack will take down first -- and which threat do you think they should tackle first? Comment with your theories, then catch us here on MTV News later this week for even more "Teen Wolf" chatter -- and be sure to keep watching every Tuesday at 9/8c!