Teen Wolf Sneak Peek: Mason Says He NEEDS Corey To Stay In Beacon Hills

Are these two adorable or what?

Gotta love Liam's right-hand man, Mason. In fact, the BHHS sophomore almost reminds us of sidekick-turned-hero Stiles from back in the Teen Wolf early days: kind, cute, helpful, crazy smart... and entirely underrated.

The guy has a heart of gold — he risked his own life to save Lydia by ramming his car into the Eichen House generators. His sweet nature is doubly evident in the sneak peek from Tuesday's all-new episode, below; when his crush Corey threatens to get the heck out of Dodge after nearly going up in Parrish-induced flames, Mason coaxes him to stay.

"People like me need people like you to save our asses," M states. (That's Mason code for, "I like you. You're hot. Let's make out!")

Catch the entire exchange now, and find out what else happens with the adorable Morey on the next Teen Wolf, Tuesday at 9/8c!