5 Burning Questions We Need Answered In The All-New Installment Of 'Finding Carter'

The hit show returns on Tuesday, October 6.

That appetizer sure was nice but, tbh, we're ready for the main course.

The recently released trailer for MTV's "Finding Carter" threw us some delectable crumbs by answering a couple of burning questions we had after the show's mid-season finale in June: Would kidnapper/wackjob Lori get out of jail? And would she actually obtain custody of Carter?

The answers: Yes and no. Judging by the drama-filled preview, Ms. Stevens is indeed a free woman again (so much for something called "justice"), but Carter is still living with the Wilsons (*insert sigh of relief here*).

That doesn't mean we're satiated: The show is returning on October 6, and we've got a bunch more questions we're hoping will be answered ASAP. Dig in and see the top five:

  1. Did David really lie AGAIN?

    When Carter confronted her father with an incriminating photo, the wayward author finally admitted -- gasp! -- that he'd had an affair with Lori. He insisted it was a one-night stand, but that BS claim was challenged on "FC"'s most recent episode when the abductor's trial featured a surprise witness: Ben Wallace, who announced that his biological parents are Lori and -- wait for it -- David. Hey, Mr. Wilson -- you sure it wasn't a two-night stand?

  2. Is Crash finally safe?

    When we last saw the bad-boy-turned-army-recruit, he'd been kidnapped by his evil Uncle Shay. After a bloody shootout (RIP, Kyle), the renegade relative was taken into custody -- but will he stay there? Is Crash truly safe, or will Shay somehow return and seek revenge on his nephew? Okay, okay, maybe we're just being worrywarts -- but nutcase Lori is back on the streets, and you never thought THAT would happen, right?

  3. Will Maxlor stay together once and for all?

    They've broken up and gotten back together more times than Selena and The Biebs, but Taylor and Max were decidedly coupled the last time we checked. The big question: Will the loving last? We'll vote "yes" because a) We're hopeless romantics and b) If you can make it through bullet wounds and all-in-the-family hookups, you can get past anything.

  4. Are Birdison officially over?

    Just call it the surprise romance of the year: Bird fell for Carter's old pal Madison, and the two began cohabitating at the party girl's pad. But when Bird's parents suddenly reappeared and began kicking her new girlfriend to the curb, Mad decided it was time to head home. So is "FC"'s newest couple truly dunzo, or will Madison have a change of heart and fly back to Bird's nest? Sorry, we couldn't resist...

  5. Will Carter ever quit Lori?

    When it comes to her biological mother, Carter has repeatedly taken one step forward (i.e. pushing Lori out of her life), then a billion two steps back (i.e. proclaiming her love for her): In the show's latest episode, she even told Lori she'd make sure went to prison for her crimes -- but then crumbled on the witness stand and admitted her devotion. Sure, we know the Stockholm syndrome is no joke, but we still have three words for Carter when it comes to her bond with Lori: Shake it off. And that bears repeating.

What do you think will happen on "Finding Carter"? And what questions do you want answered? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to tune in on Tuesday, October 6 at 10/9c!