21 Times Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber's Relationship Made Us Say WTF This Year

Justin and Selena's on-again off-again relationship was a total roller coaster ride of emotions and Instagram unfollows.

It's a question that we've been trying to answer all year long: are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating or nah?

While we may not know the definitive answer before the year ends (if ever), they've managed to keep their couple status a mystery for nearly 365 days, mostly through the taunting assistance of social media.

We've said "awww" to all their adorable selfie moments, pondered their relationship and the mysteries of the universe as they posted and deleted photos and, at times, left us utterly perplexed as they unfollowed each other on Instagram, then followed, and then unfollowed again.

All in all it's been an exhausting and confusing year for Jelena, and quite frankly, for all of us on the outside, it's really made no sense.

But we're here to do our best to break it down for you with 21 times Justin and Selena kept us guessing -- and confused -- in 2014.

  1. Ringing In The New Year...Segway Style

    Jan. 3, 2014: Just three days into 2014 we got our first Jelena sighting. After Justin admitted a few weeks before that they weren't on "speaking terms," it seems like they patched things up and celebrated with a segway ride.

  2. Look Of Love

    Jan. 6, 2014: Looks like the Segway ride worked, because three days later the Biebs pretty much answered all of our WTF moments with this pic and caption: "love the way you look at me."

  3. The Most Elegant Princess

    March 3, 2014: Things understandably cooled off with Selena voluntarily going to treatment in January, but less than two months later Justin made his feelings very public by crowning Selena as the "most elegant princess in the world."

  4. Texas Treats

    March 7, 2014: Looks like the princess pic worked because four days later they were spotted in Texas hitting up a Starbucks, a local restaurant and a perfume shop.

  5. Dirty Dancing

    March 10, 2014: Jelena had fans freaking out after he posted and deleted a steamy dance video of the two getting their groove on to John Legend's "Ordinary People." Too hot to handle.

  6. Studio Sessions

    April 9, 2014: While they weren't photographed together, the two were clearly at the same place at the same time working with Justin's protégé Madison Beer in the studio. Shout out to Madison's mom Tracie for the pics.

  7. Selena's Spring Cleaning

    April 22, 2014: Selena cleaned house on Instagram unfollowing literally everyone including Justin and former besties Kendall and Kylie Jenner, whom she'd just spent a fun-filled weekend with at Coachella. BTW, Kendall and Selena are totally cool -- just take a look at this.

  8. Out With Someone New

    May 28, 2014 : Well this can't be good. Justin hangs out with Kylie, while Selena and One Direction's Niall Horan attend Katy Perry's concert at the O2 Arena. Confused?

  9. Unconditional Love

    June 11, 2014: Justin pulled his favorite move: the post and delete. This time it was a photo of Selena cuddling his head with the caption “Our love is unconditional." Or is it?

  10. Time To Celebrate

    June 17, 2014: Spotted for the first time together in two months, the two attended pal Alfredo Flores' birthday and were seen dancing and having a good time together. Um, oooohkaaaay??

  11. Don't Feed The Animals

    June 23, 2014: Jelena turned the heat up over the summer going on a totally normal date to the Los Angeles Zoo and a few days before that went to the movies to catch "Think Like A Man Too." Things are going really well... I guess?

  12. Model Moment

    July 9, 2014: ... Until about three weeks later when Justin posted a series of cuddly pics with model Yovanna Ventura. Yikes. Can't imagine Selena was happy about that one.

  13. Sweet Revenge
    GC Images via Getty Images

    July 22, 2014: While Justin snuggles up to Yovanna, Sel decides to celebrate her 22nd birthday with a Jet Ski ride around Saint-Tropez, France with Tommaso (Tommy) Chiabra, the reported founder and chairman of Royal Yacht. Get it, girl.

  14. Saved By A Selfie

    Aug. 26, 2014: The rest of the summer these two were totally on the outs, until Justin posted this regram of Selena's selfie.

  15. And They're Back!

    Aug. 27, 2014: Well, that didn't take long. One day after Justin posted her selfie they were back on and letting all of the world know with this couple pic.

  16. Oh, Canada!

    Aug. 30, 2014: The couple jetted to Ontario to rekindle their romance. Unfortunately paparazzi ruined their "peaceful retreat", which resulted in Justin getting charged with dangerous driving and assault.

  17. Sparks Are Flying

    Sept. 17, 2014: : After spending some time in Vegas, the two celebrated a friend's birthday party, and you cannot deny the look of love Selena is giving Justin in this pic. Oh, the feels.

  18. Chef Bieber

    Sept. 19, 2014: Justin showed off his culinary skills cooking up some love, and some stir fry, for his lady. Pretty impressive!

  19. City Of Lights...Out

    Oct. 1, 2014: Both Justin and Selena headed to Paris for fashion seek, but clearly they had different agendas. Justin decided to dine and party with Kendall, while Selena snapped a pic with Miranda Kerr. If you remember, Miranda’s ex, Orlando Bloom, threw a punch at Justin back in July after rumors that Justin was flirting with the model. Caution!

  20. The Heart Wants What It Wants

    Nov. 6, 2014: Selena released her gut-wrenching new song and video for "The Heart Wants What It Wants," and while Justin thought it was "beautiful," she made it pretty clear that they were over but "supports him" no matter what.

  21. Could This Be The End?

    Nov. 13, 2014: Justin unfollowed Selena on Instagram and since then it's been radio silence between the two. But if history repeats itself, then it's pretty safe to assume that we will be on this roller coaster ride of romance once again come 2015.