'Finding Carter' Tragedy: [Spoiler] Died, And The Wilsons May Never Be The Same Again

Does anyone have a tissue handy?

After watching tonight's episode of "Finding Carter," we've got good news and we've got bad news. So which do you want first? Okay, okay -- we'll start with the good.

First off, after two seasons of (really) rocky romance and a formal separation, David and Elizabeth got back together. That's right -- Mr. and Mrs. Wilson officially called off their divorce and bid adieu to their side pieces. Neither Hillary nor Kyle, btw, took the news particularly well.

"I called her and left a message saying, 'We need to talk,'" David told Liz of his now-former paramour. But when good ol' Hil realized she was about to get the boot, Mr. W added, "She texted back, 'OMG -- GTH!'"

Kyle, meanwhile, offered more than netspeak when Elizabeth told him their romance was over. "I guess, deep down, I always knew that this is how things would go," he said. "But I loved you so much, I just ignored it." Then he showed her the door.

Angry exes aside, David and Elizabeth weren't the only two who found happiness: Max and Taylor seemed to make amends after some particularly stormy weather (Max, after all, had FINALLY confessed that he'd hooked up with Carter). Even better, army recruit Crash returned with the short new 'do we KNEW he'd rock and, by episode's end, made sure Carter knew that he planned to stay in her life for good.

"The base is only three hours from here. I was thinking you could drive down on weekends, or I could come here -- and we can Skype, Facetime, text, Instagram, Snapchat," he said, just before uttering those three words Carter was waiting to hear. "I love you."

Now for the bad news.

As Crash enjoyed his weekend with the Wilsons, trouble loomed: His evil Uncle Shay was tailing him. Eventually, the renegade relative kidnapped his own nephew, but just before Shay and his accomplice could hightail it out of town with Crash, fearless cops Elizabeth and Kyle tracked them down. In an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat scene, guns began blazing -- and firing. Elizabeth dodged the bullets, but Kyle wasn't so lucky: bleeding heavily, he lay gasping for air until paramedics arrived. Would he survive?

The answer came later that evening, when a stone-faced Liz arrived home and told her daughters to get to the hospital ASAP. "Gabe is going to need you," she said. "Kyle is dead."

And with that, Elizabeth burst into tears. The reason for her emotions seemed apparent: She'd lost a friend, a former lover and a trusted co-worker. But it perhaps went deeper, as her final interactions with Kyle were gut-wrenchingly emotional and she knew he'd died with a broken heart. So that begs the question: Do you think Elizabeth will still be able to take that one step forward with David, or will her grief make her take two steps back? And were you totally, completely shocked by Kyle's death? Sound off in the comments, and tune in for next week's "Finding Carter" on Tuesday at 10/9c.