What Other Secrets Could Lori Be Hiding On 'Finding Carter'?

The kidnapper dropped a huge bombshell -- and says there are more to come.

After continually claiming that Carter doesn't know the truth about the Wilson family, Lori finally dropped her much-anticipated bombshell: She really is Carter's mother after all. Oh, and Taylor's too.

Bet you didn't see THAT one coming.

On tonight's season premiere of "Finding Carter," the frequently disguised kidnapper revealed she had been Elizabeth's egg donor when the strong-willed cop couldn't become pregnant. Yet somehow, good old Lori couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that, well, she's still not really-truly-totally the twins' mom.

"I am their mother, and I have rights," she argued at a diner, where she'd lured Taylor in the hopes of collecting her, too.

"You don't," replied Elizabeth, who came along as protection (with David and Kyle waiting outside). "You never did, and you never will. That's the deal you made when you donated."

That didn't deter the gun-toting Lori, who managed to flee the diner and head to her car with both Carter and Taylor. (Side note: Being kidnapped probably wasn't on Taylor's agenda, as she'd just gotten back together with Max. Croutons for everyone!) When Elizabeth gave chase and began pounding the hell out of her nemesis, we were sure she'd be victorious (HELLO -- all that pent-up anger), but to our surprise, Lori managed to overcome her and run toward the hills. That left it all up to...David. Sure, he hasn't always proven to be the most reliable guy around, but it was the shifty author who ultimately tackled Lori and held her until her arrest.

Key word: arrest. FINALLY. Now everyone could live happily ever after, right? Wrong.

Later, as Lori was being booked at the police station, she taunted Elizabeth. "How does it feel -- living in denial?" she asked.

Elizabeth brushed off the rantings, calling her foe a "sick, delusional felon" (good one, E!). Then Lori offered this: "I know things -- important things. I am not the only one to blame here. David did a number on both of us. Go ahead, ask him. I dare you."

And ask him she did. Later, as the couple lay in bed, Elizabeth brought up Lori's tirade. "She said that you did a number on both of us," she uttered. Then, in the the episode's very last moment, she asked her husband, "What did she mean by that?"


So tell us: What in the world does Lori have on David? Did he really do everyone dirty, or is Lori making all this up because she's, well, a sick, delusional felon? Tell us your theories in the comments, and be sure to keep up with "Finding Carter" every Tuesday at 10/9c!