'We've Worked On Ourselves': Jenna And Zach Reveal How They Overcame Their Total Madness Melee

The 'Challenge' couple gave an update on their relationship during the reunion

Jenna and Zach are "happier than ever" as they plan their upcoming wedding. But the last time viewers saw the engaged pair, they had some difficult arguments while she was away competing on Total Madness.

Zach made a "surprise cameo" during Part 1 of the reunion -- and as Challenge Season 35 footage rolled of the two arguing about old DMs he discovered and him demanding she return home or they would be "done," the Battle of the Exes 2 lovebirds were asked about how they overcame this tough (and televised) time.

"Regardless of what I found, we were strong enough to work through it," the Battle of the Seasons champ told host Vernon Davis and fellow players. "I won't go into it because that's between us. You can keep asking me questions, but I will keep deflecting."

Jenna insisted that she would have given Zach the same ultimatum to leave the game if the shoe was on the other foot -- and looking back, she "understood where he was coming from." Meanwhile, Zach wouldn't have approached the situation differently today, and he stands by how he handled it all. But would they do a Challenge without each other again? He didn't answer, while Jenna framed her reply to the question in a different way.

"I think if we did do it together, it would be a lot different than how it was in the past," the three-time finalist concluded. "We definitely learned how to handle things, and we've worked on ourselves. And we're pretty proud of it."

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