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Sorry, But Baby Yoda Doesn't Grow Up To Be The Jedi Master We All Know

Jon Favreau served facts about The Child

We all know and love Baby Yoda, but The Child's very name is very much a misnomer, according to The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau.

The adorable green tot has long been thought to be the younger version of the sage Jedi master we all know and love, but that isn't the case, Favreau confirmed to USA Today during the 2020 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (January 5.)

Baby Yoda can't, in fact, be Yoda himself because The Mandalorian takes place following a point in the Star Wars timeline after which Yoda has passed away.

"The series takes place after Return of the Jedi," Favreau said. "Fans of the original trilogy will remember that Yoda not only passes away but actually disappears. So Yoda exists as a Force Ghost."

Favreau also noted that the Child is called Baby Yoda because there is "no name for the Yoda species."

"It’s the easiest, shortest, most hashtag-able way to identify that character, which is identified in the episode as ‘The Child.’"

But just because this particular idea has been shot down straight from the horse's mouth, that doesn't mean there isn't another type of relationship between the two, though Favreau wouldn't confirm.

"Now you’re getting into spoilers," Favreau teased. "But there are a lot of theories about that." We know a few, naturally.

It's not only Favreau who's been dropping hints about the baby, though. Kyle Buchanan at The New York Times noted that he spoke to Taika Waititi about Baby Yoda, who directed The Mandalorian's finale, who confirmed once more that, like Disney head Bob Iger said, The Child has a real name.

"I also asked Taika about Baby Yoda, since he directed the MANDALORIAN finale," Buchanan wrote. "He’s not named Baby Yoda!” Taika insisted. There is a name yet to be revealed, and Taika knows it but won’t hint. “I’ll wait for Favreau to give that away."

Looks like we'll be waiting quite a while before someone finally spills the secret, as well as Baby Yoda's true origin story. Hopefully by the time Season 2 drops this year, we'll get the real rundown on