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Looking For More Riverdale? Meet Your Latest TV Obsessions

Rev up the drama with these angsty teen shows, from 'Nancy Drew' to 'The Society'

We get it. Riverdale is such tasty television that once you've hungrily devoured one season, you're left ravenously waiting for more. Now in its fourth season, the CW series is still serving up delicious twists and turns on a weekly basis — but it's hardly the only teen soap that has us hooked.

In fact, there are so many other shows to explore with many of the same themes. You want intrigue? You've got it. You want a noir spin on Archie Comics? You've got that, too. So before reaching the end of Riverdale Season 4 and mourning your weekly fix of angsty teen drama, you might want to invest in one of these new and upcoming series instead.

Be advised, though: They may absolutely take over your life if you aren't careful! Meet some of your newest obsessions.

  • Katy Keene
    The CW

    Riverdale fans will love: More of your favorite Archie Comics characters; Josie McCoy; music industry drama; teens figuring out who they are; romance

    What's it about? If it's more Riverdale you want, Katy Keene is exactly what you're looking for. From the mind of Riverdale's Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Katy Keene follows a young woman (played by Lucy Hale) who makes her way to New York City in a bid to make her fashion dreams come true. But as she soon finds out, there's a lot more to designing clothes and making a way for yourself than just moving to the big city.

    But Katy won't be going at it alone; she'll be joined by a few other famous faces from the pages of Archie Comics, including Riverdale's own Josie McCoy. Ashleigh Murray will reprise her role as the feisty Pussycat; it looks like Josie followed her dreams of superstardom to the Big Apple, just like she always said she would.

    Meanwhile, Alexandra Cabot (Camille Hyde) is probably going to try and sabotage Katy and Josie at every turn. Luckily, her twin brother Alexander (Lucien Laviscount) is there to play nice and help Josie get her foot in the door of the music business. This is a show for dreamers — and for Riverdale fans looking for a show about 20-somethings instead of teens.

    Where to watch: Katy Keene hasn't premiered yet, but when it debuts in the near future (in 2020) you can watch it on the CW and on CW app.

  • Nancy Drew
    The CW

    Riverdale fans will love: Supernatural plots; soapy drama; a strong female protagonist; mysteries; murder; a new twist on an old classic

    What's it about? Nancy Drew is a fictional female sleuth who's been around since the 1930s. But this isn't your grandparents' Nancy Drew. Much like Riverdale, the CW's slick new 2019 reimagining imbues this classic character with an edge.

    Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) is an 18-year-old student who isn't planning on going to college just yet. Most of her plans are on hold following the recent death of her mother. Previously known to many as a teen detective, Nancy decides to give that hobby up and instead focus on her schoolwork. She lives with her dad in Horseshoe Bay, Maine, has casual hook-ups with a mechanic named Nick, and spends most of her days working as a waitress at a diner called The Claw.

    The Claw is home to several different characters that Nancy begins to interact with over the course of the series: Bess (Maddison Jaizani), the rich girl; George (Leah Lewis), the manager; and stoner Ace (Alex Saxon). They aren't exactly friends, but they're all soon implicated in the murder of a woman named Tiffany Hudson. And that's really where the story begins.

    Where to watch: You can watch current episodes of Nancy Drew on the CW app right now.

  • Elite

    Riverdale fans will love: Drama; murder; a town’s hidden secrets; classism; scheming; mature themes; steamy hook-ups; teenage romance

    What's it about? After their school collapses, three friends — Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Christian (Miguel Herran), and Nadia (Mina El Hammani) — find themselves gifted scholarships to the most exclusive private school in Spain. This particular school, Las Encinas, is where the "best of the best" attend, only for the children of the most elite members of society.

    Of course, when the trio enroll in the academy, they're not exactly welcomed with open arms. But as they start forging their own friendships at school, they learn more about the seedy underbelly of its student body.

    Christian discovers the poly lifestyle, Nadia's brother Omar begins selling drugs, and there's even a murder at the center of it all. It's hard to tell where things take the darkest turn in the middle of this shadowy web of interactions, but one thing's for sure: Elite is all about keeping you intrigued.

    Where to watch: Elite is currently available to binge on Netflix.

  • Looking for Alaska

    Riverdale fans will love: Teen angst; complex relationships; intrigue; strong female characters; a playlist-worthy soundtrack

    What's it about? John Green's semi-autobiographical debut novel Looking for Alaska follows a teen named Miles "Pudge" Halter (Charlie Plummer) as he struggles to fit in at a prep school in Alabama. He's obsessed with the famous last words of individuals throughout history, and he's a bit of an introvert. When he meets his new roommate, Chip "The Colonel" Martin (Denny Love), and his friends, Takumi Hikohito (Jay Lee) and Alaska Young (Kristine Froseth), his world is turned upside down.

    Pudge is infatuated with Alaska almost immediately, and she has her own set of last words for him to ponder: "Damn it. How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!" from one Simon Bolivar. She makes a deal with Pudge, insisting that if he's able to figure out what the "labyrinth" is, she'll find him a girlfriend. Eventually, Pudge and Alaska begin to grow closer and his crush grows even more intense. However, when tragedy strikes, Pudge must come to terms with a harsh reality he’s found himself faced with, all while learning more about himself along the way.

    Where to watch: Looking for Alaska is available to watch on Hulu.

  • The Society

    Riverdale fans will love: Complicated relationships; complex storylines; powerful women; a leading man who knows nothing; murder; scheming

    What's it about? Imagine a world without parents. The Society follows an unlucky group of teens who find themselves alone after the entire population of their town seemingly vanished without a trace. .

    Without adults or authority figures to establish any kind of order, the teens must work to found some sort of civilization to preserve normalcy in any way possible. Without any rules to govern them or any cell service to reach the outside world, some of the students fall into total anarchy, while others struggle to piece together what happened. It's up to a select group to make something of this bizarre new world while figuring out where the hell the adults went.

    It’s like a modern-day twist on Lord of the Flies, except it’s nowhere near as cut and dry — these teens are carrying some serious emotional baggage.

    Where to watch: All episodes of The Society are currently available to binge on Netflix, just in time for Season 2.