Netflix's The Society Is What Happens When Teenagers Can Do Whatever They Want

Where did all the parents go?

Parent's just don't understand, at least according to Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff. But could you live in a world without them?

Netflix's upcoming young-adult drama The Society is essentially a modern version of the 1954 Nobel Prize-winning novel Lord of the Flies, as it explores what happens when a group of teenagers are left to their own devices and form a society with a decidedly shaky foundation.

Written by Chris Keyser (Party of Five), The Society follows a group of teens who find themselves transported to a bizarre approximation of their neighborhood, which seems the same, except for one important thing: Their parents are nowhere to be found. Dumbfounded, they must work together to build some semblance of normalcy as well as alliances with each other to figure out what's happened to them, their parents, and how they can ever possibly return home.

Big Little Lies's Kathryn Newton stars as Allie, our protagonist who's trying in vain to call her mother and speak to her amidst the chaos. Obviously, it's not working out for her too well, since all the parents are gone and everything. But why were the group of teens transported to this weird new place? Wouldn't it have been enough to just take all the parents away? Obviously, there's something even weirder going on below the surface here.

It looks pretty insane – and the addition of Billie Eilish's "bury a friend" ratchets up the tension, especially because it looks like someone is literally burying a friend. Eerie.

All episodes of The Society will be available on Netflix starting on May 10, so you've got some time left to figure out some sort of survival plan before all the parents up and vanish. Make sure you've got that Netflix password, just in case anything crazy happens.