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Nick Jonas Says Priyanka Chopra's Support Gives Him 'Encouragement And Strength'

'She's incredibly patient and supportive'

Nick Jonas is incredibly thankful for wife Priyanka Chopra, and it shows.

Speaking to Insider while promoting his current partnership with Cigna, Jonas noted that life "does change in a pretty big way" when you go from boyfriend to husband. He described the way things quickly evolve in a relationship when you make that kind of commitment.

"It's about being patient with each other and adapting each day to how quickly things change and evolve," said Jonas. "But thankfully, she's incredibly patient and supportive."

Jonas has been on tour with brothers Joe and Kevin as they've been playing a variety of shoes on their Happiness Begins Tour ever since August. Nick has been all over the place, as such, and he made sure to credit Priyanka for all the support she's offered him every day of the tour.

"Our schedule this early on in our marriage was kind of unexpected, the tour extending as long as it has, but she's the best teammate in all that," he said. "The support that I feel from her gives me all the encouragement and strength, in addition to the fans being so amazing, that I need to get up there and do my thing every night."

Priyanka has been supporting Nick every step of the way, attending a series of Jonas Brothers concerts, throwing the pop star a super-sized birthday party in a football stadium, and even Photoshopping herself into concert photos when she couldn't be there in person.

"I think it's a really incredible thing to get to share this not only with my brothers, but then now with my wife and our parents and other family members and friends we've had coming out to these shows," said Nick.

Now if you'll excuse us, it looks like someone's cutting onions here in the office.