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Priyanka Chopra Wasn't Skipping The VMAs Because She Felt Like It, She Was Sick

She was 'really unwell' the day of the VMAs

When Priyanka Chopra missed out on the 2019 VMAs and ended up Photoshopping herself into a picture with hubby Nick Jonas, the internet giggled along with her meme. But now the J-Sister has shared why, exactly, she was nowhere to be found during the awards ceremony when the Jonas Brothers took home the VMA for Best Pop Video.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chopra divulged exactly why it was she ended up skipping out on the event. It was an innocent enough reason: she was sick!

"I was sick that day, which is why I couldn't go to the VMAs," she said, adding that the night was supposed to be a big event for the entire family. "It was supposed to be this fun night where all six of us got together because we never really get to do it that often. We all have very crazy schedules, and now that the boys are on tour, we meet as the six of us. So, this was supposed to be that fun thing." Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

"We had dinner planned after, and then I was really unwell," she continued. "I think Nick felt really bad that he was there and I was unwell. I was watching it from my couch at home and when they won, just seeing his face I felt like, 'Ugh.' I should have been there, but I was so sick, and I saw it on his face."

That explains Priyanka's somewhat cheesy Photoshopped image of her embracing Nick, especially since the other Jonas Brothers were seen kissing their respective spouses Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas.

"That's the reason why I love technology," she said. "It doesn't matter if I was there or not. The picture makes it look like I was and the internet would believe it." Well...maybe not with this specific photo, but we get what you're driving at. But hey! At least we know the full story now.