Siesta Key Spendthrift: Is Juliette Dating Alex For His Money?

Now, we ain't sayin' she a gold digger...

All the girl wanted was a Red Bull and some pizza.

Alex and Juliette are supposedly in the best place they've ever been, but judging from tonight's Siesta Key, their bliss isn't liable to last long. Shortly after Alex dashed his girlfriend's post-college dreams of managing a Pure Barre, dubbing her goal "not realistic," the two got into quite the argument. And to think, Chloe and Juliette had just mended things (again), and all seemed well in the Sarasota town for a solid five minutes!

During a night out with their crew, Jules asked for the aforementioned Red Bull and pizza, to which Alex replied, "You literally have it so good." (Note that he brought her coffee and bagels and filled her gas tank earlier in the day -- oh, and he's planning a big trip to Miami for her "graduating" junior year of college.)

After Juliette rolled her eyes and pointed out the obvious fact that his parents are "rich as f*ck," Alex let her have it: "You are being a brat right now. You wanna walk through the things I've done for you today? Literally, I do everything for you." (Cue the listing of the bagels and Starbucks.)

Juliette's reply: "You need to stop pinning nice things you do for me on me like I owe you. We're in a relationship. Why do you have to start tallying the nice things you do for me?"

Alex then pointed out that she does "nothing" for him, aside from the fact that she'd been driving "every f*cking weekend" to see him during their spring semester.

After Alex called her "an idiot," Juliette was left in tears for the umpteenth time.

But what do you think? Could Juliette be "obsessed with that Kompo lifestyle," like Cara says? As the new girl notes, "If it wasn't for his money, they would not be together." Or is Alex just being an ass? Sound off with your thoughts, and see what's next for Siesta Key's own Romeo and Juliet next Tuesday at 9/8c.