Siesta Key Has Its Very Own Romeo And Juliet

A pair of MTV lovebirds from the docu-series is being compared to the literary duo

Romeo and Juliet are a timeless couple -- and one Siesta Key duo is being compared to the literary giants.

In a sneak peek of the Florida-based MTV docu-series -- which premieres on July 31 -- the viewer is formally introduced to seven of Siesta's finest.

"Alex is sort of the king of our crew," Juliette reveals in the clip above. "He can pretty much date any girl he wants, and now he's with me."

And because of the aforementioned lady's moniker, the two draw a comparison to William Shakespeare's iconic characters.

What is Romeo Alex and Juliette's relationship history? And how does Juliette describe the rest of the tight-knit crew? Watch the video to find out -- and do not miss the premiere of Siesta Key on Monday at 10/9c.