Teen Mom 2 Romance: Why Leah's Relationship With Jason Is Blissfully 'Different'

Plus, find out how the young mother's new man is bonding with her daughters

Leah introduced her boyfriend Jason at the beginning of this Teen Mom 2 season, and it’s pretty clear the two have something special. In fact, as Leah put it, this relationship is “different” from all her previous ones.

On this week’s installment, Leah had a leak at her home, which then caused a flood, and Jason was extremely helpful in ripping up the carpet and floor. But it wasn’t just the handyman stuff Leah appreciated about the dad of one. She revealed he also has a unique bond with her -- and with each of her three daughters.

“He and Aleeah have this bro thing going on where they’re pounding it or telling jokes,” she told her sister Victoria. “He and Addie kinda butt heads a little bit. And Jason is super-supportive of Ali and her having MD. I can see him online looking up muscular dystrophy and learning about it, reading about it, trying to figure out what can help it.”

Leah added that she appreciated how “supportive” Jason is of everything and how mature he is compared to some of her exes.

“I’ve grown in a lot of ways, so the dynamic of our relationship is just different," she said. "Things are going great right now, and I look forward to seeing where our relationship is gonna go.”

What do you think of Leah and Jason’s bond? Can you tell that their relationship is different than her previous ones? Share your thoughts, then keep watching the lovebirds on Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c.