Teen Mom 2 Reunion Reveal: Leah Has A Brand-New Man In Her Life

Sorry, Jeremy!

For the bulk of this Teen Mom 2 season, there seemed to be a chance that Leah and Jeremy would get back together. They flirted, and she candidly admitted that they had recently hooked up. But on Part 2 of the show's reunion special, Leah told Dr. Drew that things with her ex-husband never rekindled and she, in fact, has a new man in her life.

The reveal came when Leah took the stage with her co-star (and Hawaii buddy) Kailyn. After Kail told Dr. Drew and co-host Nessa what she was looking for in a partner -- “25 or older, they need to have a job… this is like really low standards” -- Leah chimed in on the guy she was seeing.

“The guy I’m talking to now is… pretty tall,” she said. When the hosts prompted her to spill more deets, she coyly said, “We’re just friends right now.”

However, she then revealed that the man in question was gainfully employed as a business owner and was “a little older.”

“He’s... 35,” the mom of three said when Dr. Drew asked for his specific age. “Okay, he’s a little older than 35. He’s 39,” she laughed. “Not too bad, right? I don’t know. I feel like I can have a better conversation with him.”

And though Kail hadn’t yet met her friend’s new beau in person, she said she approved based on what she knew about him and based on the photos Leah had texted of him to her and Chelsea (so he's cute, too!). But what do you think of Leah’s new romance? Is she better off with an older man, or does she need someone her age? Tell us your thoughts, then keep checking MTV News for more Teen Mom scoop and don't miss the Unseen Moments special this Monday at 9/8c.