Teen Mom 2's Leah Heartbreaking Admission: 'I Don’t Know How To Raise A Special Needs Child'

During a heart-to-heart with Kailyn, the young mother opened up about daughter Ali

Leah spilled the tea on her relationship with ex Jeremy on Kailyn’s podcast, but the conversation on the women's trip to Hawaii was all about the kiddos. In between skydiving and beach-going, the Teen Mom 2 pals chatted about their children on this week’s installment -- and Leah opened up about Ali’s declining health and how it's been affecting her twin sister Aleeah.

“Ali has had a lot of trouble recently. Her challenges are more visible than they have been before,” Leah said of the eight-year-old’s muscular dystrophy. “She’s been getting really, really tired, needing her wheelchair more.”

The mom of three also shared that although Ali has an aid who's been helping her at school, she has been getting teased because of her disability, and it has taken a toll on her sister.

“Kids have been making fun of Ali at school. Like, to Aleeah. Like, ‘Your sister walks like this…’ And Aleeah, she got angry, punched her book and went to the bathroom and was crying. [They’re in] second grade! Aleeah is having a hard time understanding what’s going on, so she’s being mean to Ali.”

Leah, who was getting updates on the girls from Corey while she was away, was also concerned that the little one “puked a couple times” in her absence.

“It’s just been different with her the past couple months,” she told Kail, who advised her pal to find a support group that can help. “I think this has to be the most f*cked up disorder. She’s knows [what’s going on]. She’s so smart.”

She added, “We’ve never been through this. I read sh*t about [the disorder], but I don’t know how to raise a special needs child. I don’t think there’s a handbook for that.”

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