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Watch Lorde Cover A Deep Cut By Drake, Who Is A ‘Great Hug-Giver’

She's proving herself the queen of hip-hop covers

Lorde’s magical Melodrama tour is the gift that keeps on giving.

Over the course of her North American run, she’s been honoring local legends as she passes through different cities. In Minneapolis, for example, she sang Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U,” and earlier this week in Chicago, she took on Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” and “Runaway.” On top of that, she’s been treating fans to a gorgeous cover of Frank Ocean’s “Solo,” which basically sounds like a Melodrama outtake.

Continuing her grand cover tradition, Lorde tackled local god Drake’s “Shot For Me” at her concert in Toronto on Thursday night (March 29). Before launching into it, she assured the crowd that Drake is a “great hug-giver” who gives “very good hugs,” which isn’t hard to believe for anyone who’s seen the “God’s Plan” video. Sitting on the stage underneath bright purple lights, Lorde gave the Take Care deep cut a tender interpretation, backed only by a synthesizer. In the fan-shot video below, you can hear the beginning notes of “Liability” play at the song’s end, which seems like an all-too-natural (and totally heart-wrenching) transition.

So, what will Lorde cover next? She’s hitting Philadelphia and Boston in the next few days, so I’m predicting she’ll take on Will Smith and Aerosmith, respectively. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t love hearing Lorde-ified versions of “Just the Two of Us” and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”