Disappearing Act: 5 Things Snooki Has 'Lost' Over The Years

On the latest 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,' Nicole's wedding ring vanished (gasp!)

Once upon a Jersey Shore time, Nicole Polizzi stated she wanted to "marry a guido" and have tan babies.

Her dreams eventually came true: The guidette met (and wed) Jionni LaValle, and the two had kiddos Lorenzo and Giovanna together. So when she lost her wedding ring during last week's episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the gal known as Snooki was rightfully devastated.

Here's what went down on the installment: Nicole had just finished a glass of wine with Deena (because meatballs be classy these days), and the determined duo opted to drown the b*tch toss the creepo Sammi doll in the pool. And that's when Nicole noticed her five-carat sparkler had disappeared.

The gang spent two hours combing the massive Miami backyard only to come up empty-handed, which left Nicole so crushed, she was on the verge of going home. (NOOOOO!)

Because we have to wait a few days to find out if her rock turns up (fingers crossed!), let us pass the time by reliving a few of the other things Snooki has "lost" through the years.

  1. The Beach

    Who can forget Nicole's grand day of debauchery in Seaside during Season 3? It resulted in the drunken, slipper-wearing meatball barreling down the boardwalk while screaming for the beach -- a beach that was merely a few feet away, if only she had glanced to the right. Eventually she did find her sandy oasis... and a pair of shiny handcuffs thanks to a disorderly conduct charge.

  2. Her Balance

    Whether walking home from Karma in giant wedges or stumbling in slippers in the sand (see above), the not-always-graceful guidette has fallen down far more times than we can count. Actually, we're pretty certain she's taken no less than three tumbles on Family Vacation, and we're only two episodes in.

  3. Her Underwear

    We can't be sure if our gal purposefully misplaced her panties (unlike that one time Deena did in Italy). But we guess there's no harm in going commando if that's your thing (you do you, Snooks) -- even if all of Karma catches a glimpse of your kooka.

  4. The Bathroom

    Okay, so she didn't technically lose a lavatory, but she often didn't find one either: Jersey Shore saw its fair share of Snooki relieving herself in public places, from a random bush in Seaside to the dance floor of Karma. Most recently, Nicole opted for the Family Vacation swimming pool. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

  5. Her Post-Baby Weight

    We say she's gorgeous at any size, but when Nicole revealed she lost a whopping 42 pounds in six months after giving birth to Lorenzo, we were awestruck. "I lost it for me," she told Us Weekly at the time. "But I also wanted Jionni to know I can be hot as a mom." Mission accomplished, girl!

But back to the issue at hand: Will Nicole have to add her beloved engagement ring to this list? Find out on an all-new Jersey Shore Family Vacation this Thursday at 8/7c.