'Jersey Shore' Season 5, Episode 5: A Bunny For Your Troubles

It was all fun and games on "Jersey Shore" this week--you know, before Mike decided to plot a Snooki takedown and after he accused his even-tempered housemates of hating him. But nothing can kill the mood a bunny suit generates.

After many sleepless nights and inner turmoil, Pauly D got his boyfriend back! The "J-Shore" SWAT team successfully bailed Vin out of his Staten Island compound and brought him back to his rightful home on Ocean Drive. "Sitch" told him the crew was noticeably morose without him around, and the proud owner of a new "Let Go, Let God" chest tat was happy to hear how much the crew cared about him. Vin was careful to take Mike's words with a grain of salt, though, as PD told his best friend he was starting to get suspicious of Mike's uncharacteristic kindness.

The group decided there was no better way to welcome Vin back than a solid night at Karma. But the morning-after sun shed light on the quiet chaos the eight had caused. Snooki left her mark on the dance floor (like...she peed on it as consequence of a pesky UTI), Deena had a whole new mess of hair troubles to contend with, and she and Sammi debunked Benjamin Franklin's 18th century findings on electric current. JWOWW still couldn't manage to get a hold of Roger, and wondered why her boyfriend had been MIA.

A day of fun at Jenks turned into more troubles for Snooki and her temperamental urinary tract, and Mike's odd behavior continued when he refused to stick with the group. He later confessed to Team Meatball that he felt like Ron and the guys had it out for him, and that's why he had been keeping his distance. Snooki urged him to to air it out and confront his housemates. And then, you know, proceeded to remove her double-underwears and pee on the porch.

Later on, Mike had some underwear troubles of his own, and while giving the act of going commando the ol' college try, he got defensive about being villainized by his housemates again. Snooki said the group didn't hate him--just didn't trust him--and suddenly, Mike said he felt the villain creeping back out. He finally approached the guys, but each agreed it was a misunderstanding and Snooki was pissed the boys were sublimating their troubles.

With a million eggshells suddenly scattered across the floor, Snooki and Deena took it upon themselves to cut the tension with a nice game of "This Adult-Sized Rabbit With A Sex Addiction Is Going To Attack You And Narrate The Incident With A Cockney Accent." The house got back at Snooks by smearing some weird metallic s*** across her face without her knowing, and suddenly, we were in the presence of the happy-go-lucky Cleaver family.

The familial feeling actually resonated so deeply with Snooki that she forgot her own father was visiting the next day, and was mid weave-application when he showed up. Snooki told him she'd be occupied for a few hours and sent him into town to pick up a few things from the pharmacy (like OTC UTI remedies). Undoubtedly a proud moment for Papa Snooks...

Mike, too, was out and about and was surprised when he bumped into Roger, who was strolling the boardwalk with friends having not returned a single one of Jenni's calls. When he told JWOWW who he'd seen, she was pissed, but the real trouble started when Mike--pretty much out of nowhere--determined Snooki was deserving of his scorn. And suddenly, The Villain and his Master Plan were back in full effect.

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