How Snooki Stripped Off Her Baby Weight At Lightspeed


Snooki promotes her new line of tanning products at Beach Bum Tanning in Saddle Brook, NJ.

Nothing motivates a woman to lose weight like an unexpected pair of cankles.

Though getting pregnant was ultimately the best thing to ever happen to Nicole Polizzi, the former self-proclaimed meatball had a difficult time adjusting to the physical changes that go hand in hand with having a baby (remember how self-conscious she felt on the beach in Cancun?). So, immediately after giving birth to her beautiful son, Lorenzo, Snooki was off to the races elliptical. In the latest issue of Us Weekly, the "Jersey Shore" icon models her svelte figure, and shares how she lost 42 pounds in only six months. "You just need to get your ass to the gym and eat healthy!" the guidette says of the simplicity of diet and exercise. Hear that, all you juice cleanse and colonic devotees? No intestinal detox necessary.


That's not to say bouncing back from pregnancy body is an easy task. While the first 20 pounds came off just from breastfeeding, she tells the magazine, Snooks started working out four days a week about six weeks after giving birth, and signed up for a 1300-calories-per-day meal delivery service. To put that in perspective, one bag of cheese puffs (a Honey Boo Boo favorite) can pack as much as 1269 calories.

"I lost it for me," MTV's celebrity baby correspondent says of her motivation, "but I also wanted Jionni to know I can be hot as a mom." Mission accomplished.

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Photo: Splash News, Us Weekly