Which Challenge Competitors Just Revealed They Had A Post-Finale Hookup?

One came into the game with a boyfriend, but left with a brand new prospect

When Tori entered the Challenge XXX house, she was a rookie on a mission to win big alongside her boyfriend and fellow < em>Are You The One? export, Derrick. But just nine weeks later — having survived until the game’s end as the only newbie finalist — she’d already begun to pen a different (kinda-sorta) love story.

On tonight’s episode, the first part of the champions’ reveal, Tori dropped a bombshell when she admitted she and Derrick had not spoken since Derrick was eliminated from the show. Why? To put it simply, Tori had found a new and exciting romance in fellow finalist Jordan.

Tori explained that making it to the final challenge, which amounted to a trek through the expanse of an Argentinian mountain chain, ignited a sense of freedom in her that compelled her to break free from her existing relationship and explore new opportunities.

“I had a very different experience on The Challenge than Derrick did,” Tori said. “I found something in myself when I was there…and I fell out of all of that, which means to me maybe it wasn’t as real as I thought it was.”

And while Derrick said he supported Tori’s epiphany, he didn’t love her method of severance. He accused Tori of cheating on him with Jordan before she’d properly ended the relationship. Tori apologized to Derrick for the transgression, which she insisted happened after she and Jordan returned to the United States (“You don’t deserve that, we were very close,” she said to Derrick). Still, she didn’t regret the benefits of her impetuousness.

Finally, when Jordan weighed in on the new connection, he said he understood Tori’s choice, and the feeling of being swept up by an adventure as amazing as a final Challenge mission.

“We get back to LA and everything is this big to us, we’re in sensory overload and it happened,” he said. [But] it sucks that people got hurt…We should’ve never done that, we did something wrong.”

And while Tori and Jordan said they hadn’t officially DTR’d, Tori said they’ve been leaving the door open to a deeper connection.

“We have an awesome relationship,” she said. “We’re not in a relationship but we’re very cool. I have a lot of respect for him as a person and he’s just great.”

What do you make of Jordan and Tori: The (kinda-sorta) lovebirds? Share your thoughts, and see who wins the big money on the conclusion of Dirty Thirty Tuesday night at 9/8c!