Is Tori The Greatest Challenge Rookie Of All Time?

The 'AYTO' export has done what only a handful of contestants have

There’s a first time for everything, and for Are You The One? export Tori, a Challenge final just so happens to have come on the first try -- and in the thick of the most difficult game in the series’ history.

On Tuesday’s Dirty Thirty episode, and as part of a game that has so far eliminated the likes of legends Darrell, Johnny Bananas and others, Tori officially earned a spot among the game’s final three ladies alongside Cara Maria after an impressive performance in the second Purge. Camila, Jenna and Kailah will battle it out for the lone remaining spot on the women’s side, but no matter what happens from there, Tori’s eager fans are already elated she’s penned a story worthy of feature on 30 for 30.

“I don’t think I could feel any better than I feel right now,” Tori said, having officially outperformed 12 of the game’s original lineup of 15 women. “I feel like I just won the final.”

But will Tori win the final, and if she does, will it amount to the most impressive rookie Challenge showing ever? Could she outdo the likes of Svetlana on The Duel, Johnny Riley on Free Agents or others who’ve made big names as first-timers in solo-player formats?

Regarded by Jordan as game’s toughest player, Tori, who kicked off Dirty Thirty with a winning performance in The Purge, instantly proved she could stand on her own two feet. And she remained there even when boyfriend Derrick — her lone ally in the game — was bounced in the first post-Purge elimination game.

A habitual never-say-die type, Tori continued to demonstrate resolve, strength and smart gameplay through the contest’s early rounds, winning three missions, knocking out Marie in The Presidio and making two decisive moves upon drawing the dreaded Double Cross that amounted to the eliminations of both Britni and Aneesa. And while even power players like Jenna and Cara Maria proved they couldn’t escape doing time in the Redemption House because of small errors or fractured alliances, Tori successfully stayed above the fray, and an eleventh hour deal she cut with Jenna and Kailah proved she could strategize as shrewdly as vets like CT and Veronica.

“I’m going to the final,” Tori deservedly celebrated as she began to tear up. “This is my first Challenge ever, and oh my God, I’m gonna cry. I’m just so overwhelmed because, God, this game has been so hard -- emotionally draining, physically draining. I’m so happy. I’m so relieved. It’s a million dollars!”

And with a share of the biggest prize in Challenge history on the line, Tori has the chance to become not only the most fabled rookie to have played the game, but one of the most memorable overall. Will she rise to the occasion and earn a rightful place in the hall of fame? Or is she about to get a hard dose of reality, and could the final mission’s twists and turns trip her up? Furthermore, when it comes to Challenge rookies, Where does Tori stand? Share your thoughts, and see how this AYTO standout proceeds when the show returns Tuesday night at 10/9c!