Steven Lippman

This Hills Alum Has A Strong Opinion About Siesta Key

And no, it's not Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt has been vocal about his views on Siesta Key -- and now, another Hills alum is voicing her thoughts on the glitzy, Florida-based program.

In a Whitney Port Instagram story screengrab, tweeted by soon-to-be dad Spencer (thanks for capturing, buddy!), the new mama can be seen cuddling with her snoozing offspring Sonny. The text on the screengrab: "I wonder if he's into #SiestaKeyMTV as much as I am."

Even though the tiny fella seems more interested in sleeping, it's obvious the show has piqued Whit's interest, and now we're wondering about her views on that Alex/Kelsey smooch -- or whether she thinks Brandon or Grant is a better match for Madisson. Those romances aside, we're willing to bet Whitney agrees with Chloe's already-iconic statement:

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