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Chance The Rapper Shows His Love For Chicago With $2.2. Million For Its Schools

He's handing out grants and launching a new academic awards ceremony, too

Chance The Rapper loves, loves, loves his hometown of Chicago, and has gone above and beyond to give back to the community in multiple ways. He bought out movie theaters so that Chicagoans could go see Get Out for free. He personally donated $1 million to under-funded Chicago public schools following a disappointing meeting with the Governor of Illinois. He's gotten involved with various nonprofits that encourage involvement in the arts.

But now, he's doing even more: With SocialWorks and his own New Chance Arts & Literature Fund, Chance has now raised $2.2 million for the youth of Chicago, and he's not stopping there.

Chance — wearing a Steve Job-inspired ensemble of jeans and a turtleneck, with, naturally, a black 3 cap to match — told the crowd at the first SocialWorks Summit on September 1 that they'd racked up that huge sum for the public schools of Chicago.

He added that the New Chance fund will also be doling out grants to an additional twenty schools across the Windy City, and that he's launching the Twilight Awards, a James Corden-hosted celebration in 2018 that will shine a light on the achievements of students, parents, teachers, and principals that "convey leadership."

His investment in CPS is personal, too: Chance is a product of the Chicago public school system himself, but he told those present at the SocialWorks Summit that both his adorable daughter, Kensli, and the tension facing the Chicago youth who feel "undervalued or cheated" motivate him to keep working for a brighter future for them all.

"These are the two most pressing things on my mind: The thought of finally sending my daughter to school, and the unease of the city she's entering into," he said. Chance's philanthropy is personal, and it's incredible to see him using his influence to leave such a positive impact on both his family and the community at large.