Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Chance The Rapper’s Baby Has Fire Overalls Because Obviously

Get on Kensli The Baby’s level

Chance the Rapper doesn't just love overalls; he really, really, really loves them, to the point where he wore the Mario Bros.–channeling look for a hefty chunk of 2016 (most notably at the 2016 VMAs).

And he's passing on his preference for one-piece attire to his baby daughter — except her overalls are even radder than his, something we didn't think possible until little Kensli showed up in her pint-size ensemble.

Chance showed off their "unconventional overalls" on their daddy/daughter date, but Kensli definitely has the sicker pair given that she's, well, a baby. And babies can get away with pairing their tiny Carhartt beanies with things like bright blue overalls with giant rainbows across the front.

The proud papa said it himself: "We look adorabllllllleeeeee!" Indeed.