Siesta Key Reunion: What Was It Like For Madisson To See Grant Again?

The Floridian opened up to MTV News about her former beau

Madisson first found herself longing for her former high school sweetheart Alex -- but she quickly pivoted from the ladies' man and began a romance with his BFF Brandon. And during this week's Siesta Key episode, another desirable young gentleman entered the aspiring engineer's fold of fellas: her college ex Grant.

While Madisson's future is uncertain (both location- and love-wise), what was it like for her to see Grant again?

"It was a whirlwind," the sunny Floridian recently revealed to MTV News. "I have very wonderful college relationships, and he was a prime example of what a relationship should look like. It was very stable, very happy. We mutually broke up, so then coming back and being in that whirlwind of boy drama -- that was out of the ordinary after being in a stable relationship. So having him back reminded me that I can have intellectual conversations and we can still be civil even though we're broken up."

In addition, reconnecting with Grant helped Madisson realize how much she had changed since departing her picturesque hometown.

"I grew a lot after I left Siesta Key, and a lot of that was done with Grant, and it was eye-opening," she continued. "And just to come back to that world, it was like, 'This is who I used to be, and this is who I became.' It was weird having that contrast."

But back to Madisson's current love life: Who do you think is the better match for her, Brandon or Grant? And where will her heart land? Be sure to keep watching Siesta Key every Monday at 10/9c to see how Madisson's journey continues!