Siesta Key Love Triangle: Who's The Better Match For Alex — Madisson Or Juliette?

The resident playboy can only juggle two women for so long

We're only one episode deep into MTV's hot new docuseries Siesta Key, and there's already trouble brewing in paradise. (Shocker.)

When Alex, the big kahuna on campus, found himself juggling not one but two gorgeous blondes during his posh 22nd birthday bash, all bets were off regarding which girl he would wind up dating. They're both so... different. So who is the better match? Let's discuss:

  • Madisson

    There's something to be said about a relationship with history, and Madisson and Alex have enough for the books and then some. Not only are the two high school sweethearts, they also shared a rendezvous the previous summer when Alex first started romancing Juliette. When our resident fisherman uncorked a bottle of champagne to celebrate Madisson's college graduation less than 24 hours after going out with Juliette, we were honestly a little, "WTF?!" But interestingly enough, we couldn't help but notice that Alex and Madisson's interaction felt so effortless. These two seriously share a soft spot for one another, which makes us think they might be far more than the "good friends" they claim to be.

  • Juliette

    On the flip side, a fresh start can be a good thing for everyone involved, especially after graduating college. Series narrator Juliette hasn't been shy about her feelings for Alex, even asking him during their sunset outing, "Do you want it to be just you and me?" His romantic reply: "I mean, yeah! You look great." The FSU student continued to dig her claws into Alex a little deeper, questioning him about new girl Kelsey and even confronting Madisson during the party. Sounds like Jules isn't about to let Alex go without a fight.

Siesta Key's quintessential playboy can only juggle two women for so long before it eventually blows up in his face. Are you Team Madex or Team Julex? Comment with your thoughts, and catch an all-new episode Monday at 10/9c.