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Beyoncé’s Latest Wax Figure Looks More Like Lindsay Lohan

Bey deserves an apology for this

Gather ‘round, everyone, because it’s time to dissect yet another tragic celebrity wax figure. This year alone, we’ve seen questionable sculptures of Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, and Zac Efron, and now the latest victim is the one and only Beyoncé.

Images of Bey’s latest wax figure at Madame Tussauds New York have started circulating, and fans are going IN, for very good reason. First, let’s all take a look at the figure in question:

So. What we have here is a so-called “Beyoncé” who looks much, much different than the Beyoncé we all know and love. Sure, the outfit looks like something Bey would conceivably wear, and the pose is certainly that of a queen. But beyond that, the statue’s hair is disappointingly flat, the face is shockingly white, and as many fans pointed out, it more closely resembles Lindsay Lohan. Or Britney Spears. Or Shakira. Really, anyone but Beyoncé.

After hours of internet backlash, Madame Tussauds responded to the criticism in a statement provided to The Wrap. Basically, they’re standing behind their work.

“At Madame Tussauds, our talented team of sculptors take every effort to ensure we accurately color match all of our wax figures to the celebrity being depicted,” the statement reads. “Lighting within the attraction combined with flash photography may distort and misrepresent the color of our wax figures which is something our sculptors are unable to account for at the production stage.”

Hmm... so is it possible the statue looks more accurate in person? Possibly, but it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Bey’s been done dirty by wax museums in the past.

What will it take to finally do Beyoncé right in wax form?! The mystery continues.