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Ryan Gosling’s New Wax Figure Will Strike Fear Into Your Soul

There’s something off here...

If you want to see Ryan Gosling in all his handsome, charming, charismatic glory, go see La La Land. Watch his adorably humble TV interviews. Hell, even stream The Notebook for the thousandth time. But for the love of all that is holy, do not go to Berlin’s Madame Tussauds.

Today (January 23), the museum unveiled its new Gosling wax figure, and it’s quite a doozy. Take a look:

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We can all agree there’s something off here, right? The shiny forearms, the pointy mustache, the eyes that are too close together, the uncertainty about whether he has hands or not ... it’s all a little creepy. There’s also the matter of his disappointingly dull outfit: Brown slacks and a blue button-down screams “substitute teacher” instead of “newly minted Golden Globe winner.”

For what it’s worth, though, Madame Tussauds hasn’t always done Gosling wrong. The London museum debuted its first Gosling waxwork in 2014, and it’s quite the faithful, handsome statue.

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Now that’s more like it!