Do Alex And Gina Deserve To Incur The Wrath Of Makody On Stranded With A Million Dollars?

Finally in power, Cody's making sure that karma is a bitch

Fact: When Stranded With A Million Dollars' Cody says "it's time we go in for the kill," shit's about to get real.

Just how real? On tonight's episode of the Fiji-based reality series, the ruthless Mr. Thrive seemed to be taking the term almost literally, beginning to execute his plan to starve out both Gina and Alex and, in effect, pave the way for a Makody win.

Sorry, Alex.

But before the ugliness unfolded, Cody and Makani actually played nice with their jungle nemeses, working together to win an extra $45,000 during a special challenge. Their camaraderie, in fact, even led Gina to believe that Makody would agree to purchase her a much-desired jar of peanut butter during the next group buy.

Keep dreaming, honey -- with Eilish and Alonzo gone, Cody was able to execute Part 1 of his starvation plan: Veto all food purchases (NO SOUP PEANUT BUTTER FOR YOU, GINA).

Part 2 of Cody's plan: Steal the all-important pot -- aka the one Alex and Gina had been using not just to cook food but to boil (and purify) water.

"If I can take away the pot -- if I can take away Alex's drinking source -- I can take him out of this game very quickly and very easily," Cody said. And take it he did.

Later, when Alex cluelessly innocently came looking for it, he got a rude awakening.

"We're playing hardball, Alex," Cody announced. "You're not touching the pot. You wanted to play hard, you wanted to play dirty. We'll do it too."

Side note: Did anyone else notice Cody's voice gets deeper when he gets all alpha?

Alex, meanwhile, quickly roused Gina so the two could protest.

"I know we haven't always gotten along," he told Makody. "And when you guys were down and we had the numbers, we didn't always make it easy on you. At times, we made it tough and, at times, we were rude. But at the same time, we bought a tent and we continued to extend an invitation for you guys to get food."

Makody's thought bubble: "Bitch, please."

After all, Alex and his pals (aka Gina, Eilish and Alonzo) only bought a second tent because they were forced to after Makani, tired of them spending the group's money and keeping the purchases all for themselves, hijacked it. Previously, the foursome had refused to even buy a simple tarp for the then-team of Cody, Makani and Chris ('member him?). And the food Alex & Co. offered their cohorts? A couple of jars of peanut butter. Meanwhile, he, Gina, Eilish and Alonzo spent literally thousands of dollars on deli sandwiches, pizzas and hamburgers -- then didn't share a morsel with Makody.

So with all that in mind, tell us: Are Makody right to fight fire with fire, and do Gina and Alex deserve every bit of retribution? Is this just karma finally biting them in the ass? Or are Makody taking their revenge too far -- and should they at least throw Gina and Alex a bone (or a jar of peanut butter) every once in awhile? Tell us what you would do if you were Stranded With A Million Dollars, then get ready for next week's episode Tuesday at 10/9c: Trust us, this one will leave your jaw on the floor.