Hostile Takeovers, Food Theft And More: Who Are The Real Villains On Stranded With A Million Dollars?

The tide is turning -- and we're throwing side-eye at some unexpected campers

After losing a grueling physical challenge to the team of Makani and Cody on tonight's Stranded With A Million Dollars, Alex summed up his, Alonzo, Gina and Eilish's failure with one sentence: "America's heroes were again defeated by the deepest, darkest villains out here."

But has the Nashville native assigned those labels to the right people? 'Cause this week's episode saw a whole lot of selfish shady questionable behavior coming from a whole bunch of people who weren't Makani and Cody (aka the newly christened Makody).

For the first part of the show, however, Makani did indeed seem like a bitch on wheels: She argued with (and taunted) Eilish often and then decided it was time to "make a really bold move." And man, did she ever: After the Majority (aka Alex, Alonzo, Gina and Eilish) refused to share the tent they'd been sleeping in every single night since its purchase, Makani showed she's got the biggest set of balls on reality TV by sauntering over and taking it for herself.

"It's our tent," the Queen of Fair said, demanding that they share it from campsite to campsite. "You didn't buy this with your pocket money -- you're acting like it's not our money too."

Good point, right?

Still, Makani's speech fell on deaf ears. After a rainy night with just tarp to cover them, the Majority opted to buy another tent for themselves during the next supplies sale -- plus two jars of peanut butter (for $15,000), a cheeseburger (for $3K) and a sandwich (for $3K). And get this -- they tossed Makody one jar of PB and kept everything else for themselves.

"The fact that the campers bought a burger and a sandwich and are not sharing it is the exact same thing they did with the tent," Makani noted as the Majority happily stuffed their faces.

But karma is a bitch, and the next temptation was offered to -- and accepted by -- Makody, who then chowed down on a full buffet.

And later, when the duo won the aforementioned challenge, they were rewarded with sleeping pads and soap.

It was then that the Majority made one last dubious move: Despite recently sharing that $3K burger and $3K hoagie, the group got hungry again -- and as Makody were down at the stream using their hard-earned soap, Gina entered the duo's tent and invaded their stash of peanut butter.

"We gave [it] to them, so technically it's ours," said the 25-year-old, who then passed the PB around to the waiting hands (and mouths) of Alonzo, Alex and Eilish.

All together now: REALLY, GUYS?

So tell us: Keeping peanut butter, tents, sandwiches and burgers in mind, who's truly the "deepest, darkest" villain on Stranded With A Million Dollars? Is it Makani, who snatched the tent from the others? Or is it the Majority, who didn't share the tent -- or the other supplies -- to begin with? Or do you think it's the always-sneaky Cody, who watched the tent war unfold with glee because, as he noted, "it will put me in a position where they hate Makani more than they hate me"? Tell us whose team you're on, then catch another episode on Tuesday at 10/9c!