Stranded With A Million Dollars Premiere: 7 Reasons Cody Is About To Become Television's New Bad Guy

You're either gonna love him, or you're gonna HATE him

Rule #1 of an entertaining reality show: Always have a conniving villain that viewers hate to love love to hate.

On MTV's Stranded With a Million Dollars, that slot has been ably filled by a National Guard infantry man named Cody, who breezily explained the reason he'd signed up for the Figi-based series on tonight's premiere: "I'm an alpha male, and I'm out here to challenge myself."

And, it seems, everyone else.

By episode's end, it had become clear that Cody was prepared to steamroll over each and every one of his fellow contestants in an effort to ensure he's the only person standing on Day 40 (and, in turn, take home a possible $1 million prize). And he's not afraid to PO a few people in the process. Here are the top seven reasons Cody is about to become TV's newest bad guy:

  1. He name-calls.

    When Alex seemed to take leadership of a group consisting of several campers, Cody gave the baseball-cap-plus-turban-wearing TV reporter a once-over and mocked him with an amusing unnecessary diss: "Man, this is the definition of a goober."

  2. He randomly targeted Gina.

    First off, Cody told his new BFF Chris that he was going to try to get the cocktail waitress to shoot her flare gun -- and hence, throw in the towel -- ASAP. Then he likened her to a game piece (and patted himself on the back for his clever comparison): "We have eight dominoes lined up -- Gina's the first domino. Great analogy by me."

  3. He's devised uber-subversive strategies.

    That sneaky bastard: Cody voted "hell no" when it came to buying supplies, but it wasn't to save money. Instead, he knew that without some much-needed tools and conveniences (tent, anyone?), his cohorts were more likely to weaken and tap out. "Everything I'm doing out here is very calculated," he said. "I'm trying to prolong the purchasing of things because I want people to be pushed out of this game."

  4. He thinks he's above everyone else.

    Trying to play peacemaker, Makani advised Cody and Chris to "make friends" with the rest of the group. "You should want to get along with everyone," the organic farmer told them. "And you seem like you have good qualities. Back home, you're probably solid-ass people." Cody's response: "Back home, I probably wouldn't even talk to anyone here."

  5. He doesn't play well with others.

    Stirring the pot because, you know, that's what he does best, Cody irritated Gina when he tossed a coconut shell at her. And when Eilish defended her galpal, Cody dissed her. "You're a mother," he said of the mom-of-one with an eye roll, "but you're not everybody's mother."

  6. He messed with Bria's mind.

    When the aspiring model seemed unable to complete the next day's journey to a new campsite, Cody BS'd her with faux support. "You know I want you to stay," he told her, "but to go [on the journey] and then hold us back -- that would show you were the most selfish person ever. If I couldn't make it, I would tap. But it's your decision." His mindf*ckgame worked: Bria shot her flare the very next day.

  7. He's fearless (and is helping popularize what's sure to be America's next catchphrase).

    The group moaned and groaned when another rainstorm hit Fiji, with Chris proclaiming, "Here comes the suck." Cody's epic response: "We're going to embrace the suck." Remember those words, friends. Use them, live by them, and hashtag them often. #EmbraceTheSuck

Do you think Cody is a conniving villain? Or is he just super-smart and playing the game to win? Tell us who you're stanning for, then catch another Stranded With A Million Dollars next Tuesday at 10/9c!