Stranded With A Million Dollars 'U-Turn': Did Team Makody Just Become Truly Unstoppable?

On tonight's episode, there was joy, there were tears and there was maximum use of that flare gun

In the words of powerhouse Cody on tonight's Stranded With A Million Dollars, "Christmas came early for Mr. Thrive."

The reason: After yet another arduous trek to a new campground and a whole lotta tummy troubles, not one but two campers self-evacuated -- and neither of them was the Texan's spirit animal/jungle partner Makani.

First up, Alonzo -- who already showed signs of crumbling last week -- began suffering from stomach cramps and a headache. A medic eventually diagnosed a case of gastroenteritis -- calm down, that's just a fancy word for stomach flu -- and told the former military man it would most likely pass in 24 hours. But apparently, Alonzo couldn't bear the pain and opted to flare out on the spot. And since it's rough out there, we're not going to judge. Okay, we're going to judge: YOU MADE IT TO 21 DAYS BUT COULDN'T HANG ON FOR 24 MORE HOURS?!

Alonzo's departure brought a waterfall of tears from Gina and Alex, but it only stoked Makody -- and led them to discuss their now-stronger position in the game.

"That was very unexpected -- I was sure Gina was next in line [to go]," Makani said, referencing the woman who, frankly, defines the term "weakest link" (sorry, honey). "When it's two on two, it's going to be a totally different game."

Cody agreed, commenting on supply purchases and echoing what he'd said earlier in the episode: "Hopefully I can shut down the buying opportunities. But until the power of the group buy is in my hands, there's nothing I can do about it. I'm hoping for a big game changer."

But with Alonzo already gone, what were the odds that there would, indeed, be another evacuation and the game changer Cody desired? Pretty damn good. Less than 24 hours after Alonzo bailed, Eilish fell ill and was told her appendix needed to be removed, forcing her to bow out of the game.

Note to Alonzo: Burst appendix = acceptable reason for flaring out. Twenty-four hour stomach flu = unacceptable reason for flaring out.

Gina, for one, was devastated by the one-two punch. "The game took a complete U-turn," she said through tears. "I don't know what's going to happen."

Alex, meanwhile, solemnly pledged his allegiance to the cocktail server aka his only ally left in the jungle (and, unfortunately for him, the game's weakest link -- sorry again, honey).

And Makody? The two were in celebratory mode now that they were, at last, on an even playing field with their opponents and one step closer to achieving the goal Cody announced at the end of last week's episode: "I am going to take the campers out of this game -- mark my words -- and if I don't, failure. Anything less than a Makody final-two finish is a failure to me."

But at this point, is failure even an option? Can the duo possibly lose? So far, Cody and Makani have stayed super-strong, not once faltering mentally or physically since Day One. And now, they're finally playing two against two. Can anything stop Team Makody? Tell us who you think will make it Day 40, then tune in to another episode of Stranded on Tuesday at 10/9c.