Are You The One? Countdown: Does The Season 5 Cast Stand A Chance Of Winning?

Time's running out, and they've only got one match

"What you're doing right now is failing. Nothing's working. You guys are going into your seventh week next week. You're running out of time."

Ouch. Leave it to Are You The One? host Ryan Devlin to hammer home the brutally honest truth. Following tonight's shocking Truth Booth reveal — a no match for the seemingly in-sync Ozzy and Hannah — the Season 5 cast was desperate. They have four match-up ceremonies left, and their $1 million cash prize has been cut in half, thanks to that tragic blackout.

Enter Kari's match-up strategy -- one that didn't involve red Solo cups or following your heart.

We gotta admit, it wasn't a bad plan! The group decided to make the same moves as last week, while switching up one couple — Jaylan and Casandra. If they got one less beam than last week, it would mean that Jaylan and Cas are meant for each other while simultaneously showing that everyone who sat together during the first episode are not perfect matches. That's like a million birds with one stone. Well done, Kari!

But the plan had one crucial must — it needed to work. And it didn't. They got four beams instead of three, which means this group of love hopefuls are no better off than they were a week ago.

The not-so-bad news is that everyone is now certain Cas and Jaylan aren't a match, and the good-natured brunette can now go after Joey. But it equals frustration for the other 18 cast members.

Maybe everyone should just sit the eff down and listen to Tyranny?

"This game is so easy. All you gotta do is play with your heart and not your mother-f*cking mind," the feisty Georgia native stated.

With only a handful of weeks left and a minuscule one match in the books, does this group even stand a chance? Sound off, and find out if the Season 5 cast has better luck next Wednesday at 9/8c.