Perfect-Match Pointers: We're Breaking Down The Best (And Worst) Are You The One? Strategies

A little planning can go a long way — or backfire entirely

If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it?

So far, it's taken four seasons and 80 love hopefuls a handful of Are You The One? episodes to find their perfect matches. For a few, it happened practically overnight, thanks to the Boom Boom Room and a successful Truth Booth connection. For others, it was a fight to the finish, leaving many fearful of losing the $1 million cash prize.

Several participants brought their own strategies and ideas to the game — some of which worked, and some that failed miserably. Here's to the best and worst of them all! (Memo to any future Are You The One? hopefuls: Give this a study beforehand, mmmkay?)

  • Following your heart

    It certainly sounds like a solid strategy — and it's what host Ryan Devlin is often advising over and over and over again. But while many contestants think they're taking that advice, they merely wind up crushed -- likely because they get their hearts confused with their hot, sex-starved loins waaay too early in the game when, in fact, emotional connections take time to develop. Someone should have alerted Season 1's Chris and Shanley and Season 2's Briana and Curtis of that fact.

  • Continuing to pursue a confirmed non-match

    This is completely obvi, but you'd be appalled by how many AYTO singles JUST DON'T LISTEN. The Truth Booth doesn't make mistakes. Nor does science — okay, rarely. If you're confirmed to be a non-match, don't sit together at the match-up ceremony. Don't continue to hook up. Don't chase after them. Just DON'T. It shuts you off from the potential of meeting your soulmate. (*cough* John's unhealthy obsession with Julia during Season 4.) You'll inevitably piss off your housemates, and you'll lose out on your fair share of $1 million.

  • Playing with red Solo cups

    Hey, whatever it takes, right? The science behind Are You The One? requires a bit of "heartegy" (a term coined by Season 3's Austin): Following your heart and determining a successful strategy. The match-up ceremonies can be a numbers game, which often requires a little deciphering. And if 20 red Solo cups help you get there (as depicted on the Season 3 finale), then so be it.

  • Going against the group

    If the housemates decide on a match-up strategy, don't be an idiot and ignore them — like Season 4's Stephen did with Julia, resulting in a total blackout. It puts a wrench in the plan, even if that "plan" is a sh*tty one. Every plan that succeeds or fails is one step closer to winning the game — because you find out what works and what doesn't.

  • Behaving like a stubborn jackass

    This isn't a proper strategy! But some contestants make it their chi regardless, which merely alienates them from their housemates and any potential matches. For instance, Season 1's Brittany, who had a really hard time letting go of Adam. Or Season 4's Giovanni, who got so angry, he forced Ryan to "shut it down." Hold on to your dignity, and you just might find your happily ever after.

Which strategy would you use if given the chance to be an Are You The One? hopeful? Tell us, and stay tuned for more updates on the hit dating series!