Could Ozzy Be A Perfect Match For Hannah On Are You The One?

Here's hoping Alicia doesn't get in the way...

Finding your perfect match is tough — just ask the Are You The One? Season 5 cast, who can't seem to secure more than four matches at a time.

In the words of Osvaldo, "Four beams we got. You don't know sh*t. You ain't never gonna know sh*t. You don't pretend to know sh*t. No one knows sh*t."

Then there's Ozzy and Hannah. While Ozzy was a confirmed no match with both Carolina and Kathryn, could the third time be the charm for the sexy Costa Rican?

During the lie detector test, Ozzy did admit that if there was one girl in the house who could get him to open up emotionally, it would be Hannah, and vice versa.

Naturally, the sexy brunette's strong feelings have her erring on the side of territorial, especially when it comes to Alicia. Probably a solid move, seeing as the two ladies already have some beef. If you'll recall, Hannah wasted no time zeroing in on Andre following Alicia's getaway date with the budding rapper. So who's to say Alicia wouldn't do the same in retaliation?

Certainly not Kam, seeing as she quickly warned the ladies against Alicia's ability to swoop in on other gals' matches. After it came out that the 23-year-old had sex with smooched Edward following his perfect match confirmation with Kam, Hannah wasn't about to encounter another Kedward debacle.

"I dare her. I dare you, Alicia, to pick Ozzy. Oh, hell no," the feisty Californian said during confessional.

Is it possible that Hannah and Ozzy are match material? And will Alicia try to sabotage these two love hopefuls? Give us your best theories, and catch an all-new episode tonight at 9/8c.