Teen Mom 2 Strain: Can Jenelle And Barbara Mend Their Fractured Relationship?

The mother-daughter duo had a big blowup during tonight's episode

Jenelle and her mother Barbara have always had a fragile relationship -- but during tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode, the relatives had one of their most difficult quarrels in recent memory. So can the two resolve their longstanding issues and work on bettering their bond?

A bit of context about the contentious feud (the beginning of it is featured above): During a Jace drop-off, Barbara warned her daughter that she would be out of town with Jenelle's sister Ashley during an upcoming event (Jace's soap box tournament) -- and therefore Jenelle would need to take her son and care for him. But Jenelle had a conflict (a spring-break trip) on the date of her child's commitment -- and when she told her mother, Babs quickly raised her voice and was told to "calm down." Babs reacted by laughing, which further irritated Jenelle.

"Why do you have to help Ashley do all of this stuff? You're not there for me," the young parent exclaimed. "It's really bothering me that I have so many medical issues, and it takes me going to the hospital for the fourth time for you to act concerned."

But that was only the beginning: Barbara retaliated by calling her child a hypochondriac, and Jenelle yelled that she had "so much hatred" for her parent.

"My mother was not there to nourish me and give me love," Jenelle stated, while Barbara chuckled (again).

With that, the grandmother declared she was finished and exited the house -- but the damage was already done.

"My mom's not there for me and it's not funny, but she has time to go to New Jersey," Jenelle told David, while crying.

Unfortunately, this is not uncharted territory for the two. Through the years, Jenelle and Barbara have openly struggled to effectively communicate their feelings and needs. However, their tension has been bubbling to the surface for most of the season -- from Jenelle's outward frustration when asked about her legal issues to Barbara bickering with David -- and tonight's conversation escalated to the point of no return. So how can they repair the damage that has been done and move forward? Share your thoughts in the comments and be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 10/9c.