Teen Mom 2 Throwback: These Are Babs' Biggest Blowups With Jenelle's Boyfriends

The MTV grandmother butted heads with David during this week's episode

Jenelle's new boyfriend David and her mom Barbara may have shared a sweet hug when they first met, but their amicable connection was unfortunately short-lived: During this week's Teen Mom 2 episode, the two had a disagreement and police were involved.

The tension-filled Jace pick-up (you can re-watch it above) spiraled out of control when David accused Barbara of child abuse for yelling at the children, while she retaliated that he was "the one with the pending charges." From there, the situation reached a climax when David phoned the authorities and declared that his girlfriend's mother would not leave his home.

"You're the worst boyfriend she's ever had!" Babs screamed while exiting the residence.

This is hardly the first time Babs has clashed with a significant other romancing her daughter -- more specifically, she went at it with Jenelle's longtime on-again, off-again partner Kieffer and Kaiser's father Nathan. Since it's Throwback Thursday, relive some of Barbara's most unforgettable feuds with the guys below -- and be sure to keeping watching Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 10/9c to see if she and David can move past this disagreement and mend fences.

  1. Not A Laughing Matter

    Barbara was not pleased when she found Jenelle and her then-boyfriend smoking weed outside of her house. When Jenelle's partner began chuckling at Babs, all bets were off -- and the jabs began. The Season 1 spat ended with Jenelle leaving her teary-eyed mom and son behind and opting to be with Kieffer instead.

  2. Butting heads about finances aside (Jenelle admitted that she had not yet paid her rent, which enraged her parent), this Season 4 altercation took an ugly turn when Barbara blamed Kieffer for her daughter's downward spiral. But that was only the beginning: Kieffer went after Barbara for working at the deli, and her daughter proceeded to chime in on the attack over Babs' occupation.

  3. Ironically, this fiery Season 5 feud began after Barbara warned the lovebirds to stay off the roads because Jenelle's ex Courtland might be back in town and looking to pick a fight. Barbara implied that Nathan — like Jenelle’s past love interests — might wreck her daughter’s car, which immediately set him off. Nathan delivered the final hurtful blow and accused Barbara of getting her daughter addicted to opiates.

  4. Nathan took great offense when Barbara stated that the duo did not need an expensive car seat for their unborn son and that they needed to learn that money doesn't last forever. From there, Nathan exclaimed that he didn't need another mother and that it was "wrong and disrespectful" to tell another adult how to act.

  5. A Breakthrough

    Even though this instance began on an ugly note -- Nathan criticized Barbara's parenting abilities, while Barbara hit a nerve when she told him to "be a man" -- the two were able to reconcile on the spot.

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